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Founded in 1984, Theoris Services is a global IT and Engineering Professional Services firm focused exclusively on providing enterprise-level strategies, managed solutions, talent-based solutions, and IT & Engineering leadership.

Our deep industry experience, combined with our proprietary processes and tools, enables us to provide innovative operational and workforce solutions designed to anticipate and address the challenges our clients face in today’s fast paced, highly competitive, and constantly evolving marketplace.

At Theoris, we’re defined by our client’s successes and our ability to provide expertise, proven methods, and the right resources to FUEL INNOVATION that will keep you ahead of the competition.

Track Record of Success
Theoris has over 30 years experience with the complex challenges of analyzing, identifying, managing, and utilizing talent for both Enterprise and Project level initiatives.

Results Driven
We take a strategically focused, and hands-on approach to solving each client’s unique operational and workforce challenges, while meeting their business objectives.

Service Based Culture
By embracing our core values on a daily basis, we are driven to deliver repeatable and sustainable success for our clients, to take exceptional care of our employees and to be actively involved in the communities we serve.

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For questions regarding Theoris services, please email Dave Lovell, President – dlovell@theoris.com